Tech Words Full Form: Do you know the full form of Mobile, Computer, Google? Knowing the full name, the head will be shocked

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Tech Words Full Form: Nowadays it is the age of technology. Mobile phones and other gadgets are easily visible in the hands of small children to elders. We also search a lot of things on Google throughout the day. But do you know that the things that we often use like Mobile, Computer or Google, what are their full names i.e. full form in reality. Surely, many of you would not know about the full names of these things. 

Actually Computer, Google or Mobile, these are all short names. We have been calling these names by short names only. We are so used to these short names that we have never tried to know their full names. Let’s not matter. Today we tell you the full names of these words. After that you too will become an expert in technical knowledge. 

Know the full name of the mobile 

The name of the gadget we use the most in our homes every day is Mobile. But this is not the full name. The full form of Mobile is Modified Operation Byte Integration Limited Energy. You were surprised to know such a long name, but it is true. 

Do you know the full form of Internet?

The name of the thing through which you use its features in mobile is Internet but this is not its full name. Internet is also short form like mobile. Its full name is Interconnected Network. The short form of the Internet has been made with the initial letters of these two words.  

You will be surprised to hear the full name of Google

After reaching the Internet, you resort to Google to search something on it. The name of Google has become so popular that now even small children know about the name of this company. But do you know that ‘Google’ is not the full name of the company but it is just its short form. The full name of Google is Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. 

VIRUS is also just a short name

There is a lot of emphasis on paying attention to protect electronic gadgets from one thing. The name of that thing is VIRUS. To protect our laptops, computers and mobiles from viruses, we put anti virus systems in them. Do not do this, but these gadgets of ours may get damaged. Many of you may not know the full name of VIRUS. The full form of VIRUS is Vital Information Resources Under Siege.  

Also know full form of computer

You can do any work online sitting on the computer and with this you are also connected to the world virtually. But you should know that the word computer is not complete but only a short form. The full form of computer is ‘Common Operating Machine Purposely used for Technological and Educational Research’.  

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