Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat, advised putting tricolor on social media profile


Mann Ki Baat 31 July:   Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the 91st episode of his monthly radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat’ at 11 am today. He started this by giving information about the preparations made so far for the upcoming Independence Day of the country. PM Modi said that this time he appeals that from August 13 to August 15, people from all over the country should be a part of the tricolor campaign at Har Ghar.

The PM also said, ‘This time the Independence Day campaign is very special. A lot of preparations have been done in the whole country regarding this. In his address, the PM also said that friends, the biggest message of all these events being held in the Amrit festival of freedom is that all of us countrymen should follow our duty with full devotion. Only then will we be able to fulfill the dreams of those countless freedom fighters and make the India of their dreams.

discussion of successes

PM Modi further said that every time in ‘Mann Ki Baat’ we discuss such successes of the countrymen, which spread a sweet smile on our faces. If a success story spreads sweet smiles, and also tastes sweet, then you will definitely call it icing on the cake. These days our farmers are doing similar miracles in the production of honey. The sweetness of honey is also changing the lives of our farmers, increasing their income. Subhash Kamboj, a beekeeper, lives in Yamunanagar district of Haryana, who took training in beekeeping in a scientific way. He started with only 6 boxes. Today he is doing beekeeping in two thousand boxes. And their honey is supplied in many states. 

example of honey production

PM Modi said, ‘Similarly another farmer from Karnataka is Madhukeshwar Hegde, he had taken subsidy for 50 bee colonies from the Government of India. Today they have over 800 colonies and they sell tons of honey. He made innovation in his work. They are also making botanical honeys like Jamun honey, Tulsi honey, Amla honey. His success in honey production also makes his name worthwhile. Similarly, Vinod Kumar ji is also doing beekeeping in more than one and a half thousand colonies in Palli village of Jammu. He has taken training in rearing queen bee last year. He is earning about 15 to 20 lakh rupees every year from this work. Friends, you all know that in Ayurveda texts, honey has been described as nectar. Honey also gives us health. One such youth is Nimit Singh of Gorakhpur in UP, he did B.Tech and his father is a doctor, But instead of doing job after studies, he took the decision of self-employment. He also started the work of honey production. A lab was also built in Lucknow for quality check. Nimit ji is now earning well from Honey and Bee Wax and is also training farmers of different states.

boom in the toy industry

PM Modi said, ‘India’s toy sector has shown itself by transforming. Indian manufacturers are now making toys based on Indian culture, history. There are clusters of toys all over the country. Small entrepreneurs who make toys are getting a lot of benefit from this. The toys made by these small entrepreneurs are now going all over the world. India’s Toy Manufacturers are working closely with the world’s leading Toy Brands. I also liked that our start-ups sector is also paying full attention to the world of toys. A start-up named Shumi Toys in Bangalore is focused on eco-friendly toys. On the other hand, a Pune-based company is increasing children’s interest in subjects like science, technology and mathematics through its toys and activity puzzles. With this, I would like to appeal to the parents to buy more and more Indian toys, puzzles and games. 

congratulations to the students

PM Modi said, ‘A few days ago, the results of class 10th and 12th have also been declared across the country. I congratulate all the students who have achieved success through their hard work and dedication. Due to the pandemic, the last two years have been extremely challenging. The courage and restraint shown by our youth in these circumstances is highly commendable. I wish everyone a bright future. 

‘This year’s Independence Day is very special’

PM Modi started his address by describing the Independence Day of the country as very special. Referring to today’s date i.e. July 31, he said, ‘Exactly 78 years ago in 1940, the British hanged a brave son of India. The name of that son of the country was Shaheed Udham Singh. Who killed the culprit of the Jallianwala Bagh massacre on 13 April 1919. Now this Amrit Kaal of our next 25 years is like a duty period for every countryman. To liberate the country, our brave fighters have given us this responsibility, and we have to fulfill it fully.

‘Railway’s contribution in the freedom struggle’

PM Modi said, ‘Indian Railways has an important contribution in the independence of the country. In such a situation, 75 railway stations of the country have been identified. Whose contribution was very important in the freedom struggle of the country. All these 75 railway stations have been decorated in a special way on the occasion of 15th August. Therefore, I appeal to the school children and teachers to take everyone to the nearest railway station where the important parts of the freedom struggle can be understood properly. In today’s Mann Ke Baat program, PM Modi has congratulated the players of the country and the Indian winning players in the famous sports events going on around the world and also wished them good luck for the next goals. 

At the end of his address, PM Modi said, ‘Countrymen, today we started our discussion on 75 years of independence with the journey of the country, the next time we meet, our next 25 years’ journey will have started. On this 15th August, our lovely tricolor must be hoisted at our home and loved ones’ house, for this everyone will have to mobilize. At the same time, how did you celebrate Independence Day this time and what special did you also share with me. 

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