How can I be distinguished in my studies?

How can I be distinguished in my studies?

Organization of the study

It is advisable to organize the study by setting up a calendar to arrange the dates of the study and the tasks that must be accomplished for each time, such as determining the time required to complete the assignments and another time to study the exams with the inclusion of different dates such as work related appointments, which will facilitate the daily life in general and the school life in particular .

Review of subjects

It is recommended to review the various subjects of study, by starting a quick and concise review of the material which includes the various observations and questions that were raised in the course, as well as reviewing the main points before starting the study of the material, as this leads to the retention of information in addition to obtaining the desired excellence In the study.

Asking for help

The student must search for answers to his questions in a timely manner and not postpone them to another time, where you can participate in one of the private teaching centers that contribute to the review of the subjects in a large extent in addition to providing an environment containing workshops and other skills to develop different, The teacher when some information is not understood to be clarified.

Regular sleep

Sleep and immortal dates must be arranged on a daily basis with the same commitment on weekends and holidays, and rest should be taken when feeling tired.

Eat healthily

It is important to pay attention to the lack of immortality to sleep when you feel hungry or full, while also paying attention to the quality of the food being eaten, and not to drink too much liquid, such as caffeine and alcohol, which contribute to the great reluctance to the toilet as well as the potential contribution tonight disturbances, Daily habits that are done before bedtime like bathing or listening to quiet music.


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