Lack of focus in speech

Lack of focus in speech

Lack of focus in speech

Focusing is defined as the ability to pay attention to a single subject. Concentration is one of the characteristics of geniuses. Concentration requires activity and alertness at two specific centers in the brain: network configuration and cerebral cortex. Early stages of concentration are characterized by a slight degree of stress, Induced by the secretion of the light source Adrenaline, and the concentration increases the speed of the brain waves, which leads to change in the heart rate; where it is slow in the moments before the process of concentration, while increasing speed when you begin to accomplish the task, many people become distracted and lack of focus in the For many of the work and the most important speech; where some people complain of lack of focus in speech, causing them embarrassment and distress.

Causes of lack of concentration

Reasons for inability to focus:

  • Psychological formation: Closed personalities have the ability to focus more than open personalities.
  • Age: The age and control of human ability to concentrate, and it is known that the focus is at its peak in the period of 12 to 40 years.
  • the noise.
  • Temperature: so that the higher the temperature becomes an obstacle to concentration.
  • Anemia: Studies and research confirm that iron deficiency in the human body greatly affects the ability to concentrate in all walks of life.
  • Endocrine diseases: the most important lack of secretion of the thyroid, glands thyroid, and the renal gland.
  • Excessive intake of beverages containing stimulants.
  • Tension, depression and anxiety: It has the greatest impact in the incidence of non-focus not only in speech, but in any work depends on the focus.
  • Hypoglycemia, and folic acid deficiency.
  • Thiamine deficiency, known as neurotoxin, is a deficiency in the substance, even if it is simple, which will be accompanied by a defect in brain activity.
  • Control daydreams on thinking. Excessive fatigue.
  • Treatment of non-emphasis in speech.

How to treat inability to focus on speech through several means:

  • Practice relaxation exercises.
  • Attention to the quality of the food intake, which must contain all the vitamins and minerals necessary for the human body and brain, especially omega-3 acids, which have an effective role in strengthening memory and increase concentration.
  • The lack of self-control when speaking, which is one of the most important things to be observed and followed; as excessive self-monitoring increases stuttering speech and lack of focus.
  • Avoid distractions from self or others, and ignore them.
  • The most important ones are: busy with the phone, playing with the buttons of the shirt, taking off the glasses and wearing them, or looking at the clock. Raise self-confidence.


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