Lack of self-confidence

Lack of self-confidence


The development of self-confidence, self-development, and strengthening of personality are things that need a decision from the mind and heart, faith in self-capacity, faith in solid will and determination, no need for money or high potentials, or complicated complex ideas. , And changeable in the nature of the human soul.

Definition of lack of self-confidence

Lack of self-confidence A feeling of an individual in the event of despair or extreme fatigue, a condition that develops if treated immediately, arises through the difficult circumstances surrounding the individual, becomes more skeptical of his ability and willingness to do any work, and discourage his interest and less production.

Reasons for lack of self-confidence

There are a number of reasons for lack of self-confidence, including:

  • The belief that the ocean knows weaknesses, negatives, and a person’s inability to conceal them.
  • Anxiety associated with access to idealism, lack of quick access to the desired goal.
  • Feeling ashamed, minimizing self-interest, and complying with the opinions of others who are critical and enduring without trying to engage in dialogue.
  • Fear of failure or fall, and this sense comes from the continuous postponement of doing business, and must be treated as a starting point, not defeat and let us down.
How to overcome distrust

There are a number of steps that help to eliminate the problem of distrust, and these steps are summarized as follows:

  • Knowing the main causes of the problem: The individual must be frank with himself. He asks himself a set of questions that determine the causes of distrust, such as: Was my problem caused by an old accident, or was it the result of some people’s ridicule? And many other questions, to reach a clear and explicit solution, and when answering the various questions must be written on a paper, and not to load the others different errors, and divide the reasons to the head and subsidiary, to facilitate the solution.

When the problem is determined, the solution is defined. The dialogue with the self is the master of the situation. The order of the ideas is part of the solution. If the cause of the lack of trust is a person, then it must be avoided and persecuted, because it is another reason to destroy self-confidence, And get normal relationships.

  • Self-belief, self-confidence: One book makes it easy for a person to change the way of life by changing beliefs and ideas. First, the negative words must be eliminated and directed to the self, the cultivation of self-confidence in the mind, It’s over.
  • Distancing from the method of comparison: This is one of the most destructive methods of personality, when individuals compare themselves to better people, break confidence and destruction, in this case must focus on hobbies and creativity and develop, and access to what you want and not what others want you, All aspects of his life, and tried to reach his rank.
Factors increase self-confidence
  • Set goals and work to reach them.
  • Accept responsibility in all its forms and colors. Dialogue with the self and stimulate it through the words of encouragement and motivation forward.
  • Educate yourself and participate in effective discussions.
  • Helping others This contributes to raising self-confidence when hearing words of thanks and appreciation.
  • Attention to external appearance.

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