How to shop for yourself

How to shop for yourself

Marketing the person for himself

The concept of marketing was associated with goods, goods and services in order to discharge the first and attract the largest number of beneficiaries in the second. However, with the development of the different aspects of life and science, many new concepts emerged, such as marketing oneself to make the person convince others of his abilities and skills in performing in one of the fields Or fields, but how we will talk about this article.

How to market a person for himself

Develop skills and abilities

When a person wants to market for himself, he must have a good balance of experience, skills and abilities in his field of work, and other areas perhaps. Content is the basis of good marketing. This development process can be done by joining good and useful courses, engaging more in the labor market even without money. On many experiences to enrich the biography of the person.

Writing CV

Is the first identifier of the person in the institutions and companies, so the identifier must be similar to the person, where the browser has the confidence of the person already exists, and must feel the extent of his concern to develop himself, and seriousness in life, and his constant activity and seeking for the best, In the manner of writing CV in terms of the achievements, clarity of information provided, accuracy in the presentation, in addition to the coordination of the curriculum vitae well, and interest in the language and misspellings of spelling, and does not mean the possibility that the person sends his biography to all institutions, Some of the jobs offer opportunities for different degree holders, or in the same field, such as the media branch close to public relations and administrative disciplines in institutions, in addition to the convergence of specialist and social worker specialties, and those with experience in the fields of social work. With him and interested in applying.

Send CV to institutions

A person should not stop sending his resume to the institutions. Some of them, if they do not find the sender’s job efficient, may be impaired by another skill, and may receive a call about a job offer, away from what they initially planned.

Pay attention to online marketing

The Internet today is open to those who wish to join the labor market. There are networks and communities of professional electronic communication, and similar services can be invested in social networking sites, not to mention the investment of some of their personal pages to search for work by announcing their desire to do so.

Network Relationships

An individual can not always get a job by applying for job vacancies, or even using technology, but also communicating with others and building a good network with them.



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