Innovative ways to promote

Innovative ways to promote


The reinforcement of the important methods of teaching, which is repeated on a daily basis with all subjects, which is support, encouragement and motivation, a kind of reward for the student’s outstanding answers, or correct and positive behavioral attitudes, and to strengthen the various means and methods, mostly due to the creativity of the teacher and his ability to adapt positively with Educational or behavioral situation, and also has great effects on students and educational attitudes.

Enhancement can also be defined as a field of creativity in monitoring and following up the student’s behavioral and academic development, through which education is drawn from its traditionally boring patterns towards a new type of education that is dynamic, stimulating and stimulating.

Innovative ways to promote

Prepare the honor plate

The honor plate includes the names of all the students in the class. Each group name will be marked with a set of boxes marked with symbols or symbols, or star stickers or roses reflecting the evolution of the academic and behavioral state of the student. Stars, wearing the Prince of Star Wars.

Balls of Excellence

A ball is placed for each student throughout the week in a specific bag. The ball includes the student’s name or each pupil is assigned a bag of his own, and the largest number of balls is given a valuable gift.

Ship of outstanding

Students can be motivated to innovate and participate by drawing a ship that includes the names of the outstanding in beautiful and attractive colors, and attaches them prominently in the classroom.

flight tickets

The design of cards similar to the form of tickets to the plane, and give the student a ticket to enter the plane for each position in which he behaves wisely and smartly and creatively.

Effects of reinforcement on students

Make school school-friendly for students.

The development and academic advancement of students, through the creation of a competitive spirit in the achievement of scientific and creative among them.

Contribute to constantly modify student behavior and reduce negative behavioral manifestations.

Developing the spirit of teamwork among students. Develop the bonds of love, affection and harmony among students.

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